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Ami meets Ben by a tree on a beautiful hillside. She recognises him instantly: they were once very much in love. But Ben doesn’t remember her at all. What went so terribly wrong in the past, and is there a chance that, in the present, these two lovers might just find their happy ever after, after all?

After a record-breaking live-stream from Southwark Playhouse in 2020, The Grey Area are thrilled to present the fully staged UK Premiere of Before After in the same venue where it all began.



Musical Numbers

Before After

Coming Back (Ami, Ben)
A Little Longer (Ami)*
Pencils (Ami)
In Time (Ami)

Tonight Is The Night (Ben)
The Painting (Ami)
Up Here (Ben, Ami)
No More Forgetting (Ben)
As Long As You're There (Ami, Ben)
Daddy, I Met This Boy (Ami)

The Closer We Get (Ami, Ben)
The Next Step (Ben, Ami)
All These Pictures (Ami)
Three Long Months (Ben, Ami)
Before After (Ben)
Sketches (Ben, Ami)
Coming Back Reprise (Ami, Ben)

*Additional Orchestration by Charlie Ingles



Charlie English (He/Him)


Fiona Gillett (She/Her)


Production Manager

Waverley Moran (She/They) & Orla Daly (She/Her)

Stage Manager 

Orla Daly (She/Her)

Casting Director

Peter Noden (He/Him)


Danny Kaan (He/Him)

Poster Design

Jed Berry (He/Him)


Kate Morley PR

Social Media

Milo McCarthy (They/Them)

Rehearsal Trailer

Adam Nightingale (He/Him)

Production Trailer/Vox Pops

Michael-David McKernan (He/Him)

Producers (The Grey Area)

Georgie Rankcom (She/They), Samantha Dye (She/Her),

Laura Loutit (She/Her), Peter Noden (He/Him)

Associate Producer

Joel Goodman (He/Him)

Production Assistant 

Charlie Pickles (He/Him)


Photo Gallery

Images by Danny Kaan

The Grey Area would like to thank the team behind the 2020 livestream of 'Before After'. Rosalie Craig, Hadley Fraser, Charlie Ingles, Alex Crawford, Natalie Hancock, Bartek Podkowa, Francis Botu, Tom Begley, Alice Finbow, Nick Rutter and Susie Safavi as well as the whole team at Southwark Playhouse.

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