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We're a small company with big goals and we need partners to continue growing and creating. Read on to see how you can play a part in our development.

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Thank you for your interest in investing in shows with The Grey Area Theatre Company.

The work we do relies on the financial support we can get from investors; they are essential and integral to the art we make. You can help us build theatre for the future. With your investment, we create productions that push boundaries and create work and entertainment for a diverse range of people. We know that art has the ability to bring people together, and widen audiences’ perspectives. 

We aspire to make your theatre investment an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. The tax benefit for investors in theatre, as well as the nature of the investment, make it an attractive opportunity in itself. With a large amount of our output focusing on new work, our investors have the opportunity for long-term participation and profits on shows by getting involved from the very beginning.

Extra perks for investors may include; complimentary tickets to opening and gala nights, invitations to opening night parties, open rehearsals, programme advertising, meet and greets and advance notice of future investment opportunities.

For further investment information and inquiries contact us here.


Current and upcoming opportunities include

UK Premiere of an established musical

Large scale revival from a prolific composer

Two world premieres of new writing

And more on the way...

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